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Posted by Nemoder at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Sea Battles Lost
I find the majority of the sea battles I'm losing aren't do to poor navigating/puzzling but that often one or two crewmembers are kicked out of the swordfight either from a lost connection or the game freezing or the puzzle simply not starting for no reason at all.
Just one lost player on a large sloop can easily make the entire battle hopeless and it disturbes me to think what could happen if some truely evil pirates were to attack others connections to try and boot them off and get the advantage (ok so they'd probably have to know how to find them outside the game but still.. scary)

Would it be possible to temporarily replace crewmates with NPPs who were there at the start of the sea battle but dropped right before the swordfight started?

Sorry, it's gettin late and the piratey has gone out of me voice tonight..

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