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Posted by AbralNarth at Jun 10, 2006 10:59:51 AM
Re: A guide to vintage whine

As for my favourite whine, there can be no doubt that the finest whine I have ever taste is Mind-reading imps. Not too bitter, not too sweet, a perfect blend of flavours, and a beautiful colour (

How about a variation on that? The new AI is unbeatable and it's companion LSMs don't work any more. Both of which, despite having a smell of over rated self opinion taste sweetly of irony. Both taste like they should be green but are not.

My personal favourate whine is let me nav cos I'm gud or my crew will be hostile to you. Best served with the cheese I call your bluff. My flag loves glub glub. A supremely strong cheese. It's cliché but one of the most enjoyable one which many people will enjoy if not the person you offer it to.
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