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Posted by drc500free at May 10, 2006 6:05:05 PM
Re: Cheap Typhoon Rum [Viridian]
Works for them if they're making a profit on the markup. I used to try to do something like that at Gaea, and it was marginally succesful. The ship goods had high turnover, and we siphoned all the large and medium cbs off to the military stash. Paint moved pretty well, but the couple gold ores we passed on were great - something like a 5k cut for us, 5k for the trader who made the run.

I also kept a list on the notice board of which commodities were good trading goods at the time, and where they could be sold, for how much profit. I don't know if commodity trader was working at the time, but advertising which items were profitable to ship in and out definitely picked things up.
sundancer wrote: 
will you please explain to me one more time why it would not be acceptable to blockade us?
Squid wrote: 
Because I shouldn't have to go through all that effort.

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