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Posted by pottsas at May 10, 2006 9:13:39 AM
Re: Commodities...
Alas The Crisis has died down, but for how long? I didn't see a drop in prices until I brough about 700 units of Sugar Cane from Napi Peak to Dragons Nest. I sold most of it to myself and Afrodite.
I think that ppl have taken their dubs to Hunter and also there can not be enough brigands bringing commodities to the Island. Maybe they lose it along the way, I dont know. But it can't just be that one person is buying it all.

It took almost three hours sailing fast with about 10 battles to get my merch to DN from Napi Peak. I did this over a two day span, with half of a crew. We got attacked and lost some, but got most of it home.

Should we all become merchants to make a profit?

One more episode of this and I may not withstand the high prices. I may close shop. Tis a shame because I like to always have atleast 10 days orders in waiting, and I know I couldn't get supplies for almost two weeks.


~ Pottsas

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