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Posted by IceColdFire at May 7, 2006 4:55:51 PM
Re: People In Glass Vessles Shouldn't Throw Cannonballs
Lets sum up what i have done since i recieved Govenorship of Terra.

- Gave rebates to four shoppes.
- Allowed three shoppe upgrades to be ordered.
- Made the island news look presentable, even given the five seconds of Wiki'ing it actually took to find out about mythology.

Kalani also sent out her team of lethal spider monkeys crewbies to document the owners of each shoppe on the island. If you want the true reasoning as to why it was lowered to 50%, that is because we overestimated the actual sheer percentage of Vanguard participation in Terra shoppes.

I am actually quite flattered to see the word extortion used in regards to one of my actions. Thank you for giving me enough credit to do something like that. Unfortunately, your assumptions are baseless and flawed.

And while this bickering and flamebait has taken place, Vanguard has just finished placing the UnitedNapiFederation Iron Monger on Napi Peak. Thank you, oh ruthless one, for eating VG's spacebar. Atleast that means they type less.
Zezuma says, "what type of ship is this"
Jiiggsaw says, "i think a war fridge"

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