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Posted by Nemor at May 7, 2006 11:18:06 AM
Re: People In Glass Vessles Shouldn't Throw Cannonballs
Scupperer: If you accuse Hairless of being one sided,
Scupperer to Hairless wrote: 
Conveniently ignoring that the tax extortion started on Terra after Calais took it, are we?
and state,
Scupperer wrote: 
Hairless wrote: 
I thought Star Explorers would be responsible enough to set an example.

Star Explorers has had Terra for a total of 1 day; I would hardly call anything they've done with Terra to this point "setting an example".
then, why didnt you drill into Amoreth when he made this post?
Amoreth wrote: 
Napi is already turning into a trash heap like Terra, and they haven't even owned it for 24 hours. Why?
Is this hypocritical of you, and may even shows your own bias and discrimination against someone who takes an opposite side as you?

On a same note, I find it very ironic that the call to battle on this weekends Terra blockade was:
Lezah wrote: 
It's been whispered at the Inns and on the docks - Viridian - you've said you don't like ... being held to ransom by alledged 'negotiation slip-ups'.
This is a call to arms for friend and foe - If you want to stop the tyranny of a certain governor and the desecration of Terra's natural resources, join us:
And then taxes get placed at 100% directly after. Hypocritical, to say the least.
So they then "celebrate" and lower taxes to 50%.
Scupperer quoting the Notice Board wrote: 
As a CELEBRATION of the FREEDOM of Terra Taxes will be DROPPED 50 % for this week,
Maybe they saw their initial ways as wrong and decided to cut taxes in half and lower them to 50%. Maybe they just wanted to get away with having taxes at 50% so they started at 100% and decided to be generous and lower them to 50% "for this week". Maybe they just want to extort Calais. All is fine with me, as long as they dont say one thing and do another.
Scupperer quoting the Notice Board wrote: 
we are wishing to keep Terra free from those that wish to ravage it and gluttonise off its citizens and business owners.

Maybe this is a reoccuring theme of the Star Explorers / Requiem alliance. Maybe politicans tell you what they want you to hear. Maybe everyone can be consumed by greed. Or maybe, just maybe, Im looking too deep into all of this and should realize everything said within the parley forums is just parley...

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