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Posted by ysanne007 at May 7, 2006 7:33:20 AM
Re: People In Glass Vessles Shouldn't Throw Cannonballs
There are so many independent flags/crews that do business which are now going to be disadvantaged with high taxes.

With Vanguard holding Terra and throwing shoppes lke confetti, Calais was giving tax rebates to everyone who bought his shoppes, thus mostly taxing the independent stalls and the few independent shoppes that were already there(compared to what he has placed after, what was already there can be considered few).

In other words, Calais couldn't have sold all these shoppes on Terra if people weren't willing to buy them with the promiss of a huge advantage over the already present competition (no taxes for "made by Calais" shoppes vs taxes for the "little ones"). It is safe to say that all of those who bought shoppes from him also did it with the knowledge that should Calais ever loose the island, they wouldn't be protected by his "no tax" gift.

By keeping the taxes at 100%, it can seem that Star Explorer is doing the exact same thing as Calais was being criticize for, however, if you really look deeper into things, Calais and all of the others who now own shoppes built by him will just taste what they forced other to taste, Star Explorer wanting to do everything they can to insure that the independent crews/flags you mentionned earlier are the ones getting the tax rebate this time around.

Food for thought.

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