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Posted by sikral at May 7, 2006 6:40:13 AM
Re: People In Glass Vessles Shouldn't Throw Cannonballs
- Requiem also made its inn into a memorial, then criticised Vanguard after making two memorials on Napi.


Care to prove me wrong?


- Star Explorers put onto the Terra Noticeboard after winning Terra that Vanguard is a bunch of fatty?s or something along those lines.

Vanguard wrote that.

Meh, I was prooven wrong here, just found out the Calais is sometimes a very werid person

The only person with honour in my opinion in requiem/star explorers is scupperer and twiggy + a few others. It?s a shame they only appear in the blockades

The tax proposition was my idea.

Thankyou for proving me wrong here, but you really think that such tax exortion will work in your favour? Really, your only making enemies. There are so many independent flags/crews that do business which are now going to be disadvantaged with high taxes. Thanks for giving Calais ideas for Napi Peak, which will disadvantage even more independent crews/flags. Not all people get involved in wars.

Give up, Hairless.

I rarely give up, I just think it is just poor sportsmanship with a tax exortion which ye know will never work. Two wrongs never make a right, I thought ye learnt this
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