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Posted by ninja277 at May 7, 2006 3:19:29 AM
Re: People In Glass Vessles Shouldn't Throw Cannonballs
While, I am not going to comment on the Vanguard/Requiem war, I am going to notify the ocean of a change to Kirin.

Taxes have been raised to 100% on Prolix. The only independent shoppe owner on Prolix is Cyndiepet, monarch of P4P. This appears to be a direct attack on P4P for supporting an ally, which P4P pledged to do will all its allies. To counter such nonsense, taxes have been raised to 100% on Kirin with refunds going to those that support P4P.

I never thought that supporting an ally with a few navers and a JC would lead a flag to target another. What Vanguard does is independent from P4P. They are two separate flags with different goals.

Under Requiem's thinking, if I could I would tax Midnight 100%, Hunter 100%, and Sage 100%, as that seems to be where their navers come from. Silly, yes. But, P4P gets taxed 100% for supporting an ally with the same type of help? Only independent shoppe owner on Prolix. Not rocket science to see what is happening.

A note to all P4P allies and enemies, we WILL always support our allies. We never forget who supported us, and I hope you never forget who supported you.

All Oceans

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