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Posted by Kenku178 at May 4, 2006 10:30:38 PM
Re: Commodities...
It's a player based economy, if things are scarce it's because prices aren't high enough to spawn enough from the merchants - as far as I know.

I know.. but wood, which was sold by bots at 20 (or less), when it was cheap, and 25 when it was high, is now at 35 and not sold, as far as I can tell..

/me wants to know who is messing up prices..


You guys got that right..Its becoming almost impossible to sail Onyx anymore...prices are rum are reaching 3-digits!
And to think that less than a week ago, Fintan had the cheapest rum in the whole darn 3/4 of the stalls are closed because they can't afford the rent...tsk tsk...

Aye...and it doesn't make a lick of sense even in Jade....I mean...Sugar Cane on Kirin is running 15poe a unit(up from what had to have been between 6 and 7, comparing old rum prices to new), and still is netting 2000 units in orders...
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