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Posted by juventus1 at May 1, 2006 5:12:48 PM
Re: Defense of Napi Peak and Prolix Purlieu 4/30/06
Triggster said: Labyrinth Moors blockade will also be next week. That's for sure.

1. Can I quote you on that? /em smells a Riddlemakers intent for LM thread coming on...
2. Mates, it has been a good, long while since Viridian has had someone with the balls, the money, and the brains to try to take over the entire ocean, or at least an archipelago. For a lot of people, the constant struggle of emotions for a bunch of pixels is the only thing that makes this game worthwhile. I personally cannot think of anything better than going out in a good, 4 or 5 round sinking blockade, doing my best to beat the other guy, then having everyone hang out at the docks and tart about it. The thing that is the big attraction here is the constant excitement that these Req's, these VG's, these P4P's, bring to the ocean. This is the best part of the game, IMO. Do not ruin the greatness of this because of a few people being upset about the looks or taxes of Terra. Calais is a brilliant businessman, he does what he does to get money for him and his flag.

EDIT: Screwed up the quotes and tried to fix it about 4 times..ugh.

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