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Posted by Flak_88 at May 1, 2006 12:35:59 PM
Re: Defense of Napi Peak and Prolix Purlieu 4/30/06
Sunk 3 or 4 times, no injuries, probably got paid, and if I didn't, I've got enough I didn't notice. Must say requiem certainly took their time getting ships loaded, remember several times when I had to ask multiple times just to get a ship name, once it was already full and in the blockade. Hopefully that was just the newness of running multiple blockades at the same time.

Such happens when the person you thought was doing that has to go, and nobody else has the list. Still love that I had Scup get on a supposedly stocked boat and then deport to find it had nothing. Which wasn't too bad except he quickly stocked it, and then once out on the board, notice he got rum alright, but 400 small shot doesn't shoot out of warfrigs fine. Cost us round 1 PP, triple booch, stocker, me and Scup.
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