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Posted by Benzene265 at May 1, 2006 12:20:20 PM
Re: Defense of Napi Peak and Prolix Purlieu 4/30/06

"My knowledge" of the commodities on Terra was up until last weekend. So if any commods were destroyed, it took place in the last week. And why did your hearty buy the stall if they knew it was destroying the national wildlife reserve that is Terra?

That's between said hearty, who is in Vanguard, by the way, and Calias. It wasn't my decision to make.

Think about what Calais has taught the ocean...
- He packs buildings into Terra. Why? Because he wants to destroy the island? No. Its because it makes him money. Everything comes down to money.
- Why does he place a tailor stall next to the dock? To anger you because it is blocking a path? No. Because you can click on it from the dock and greenies love to buy clothes.
- Why does he name the building Suicide King or Vanguard Memorial? To anger you? No. Because... Well actually, yes it probably is to anger you a bit, but think of the product placement opportunity. Nothing like a billboard on the docks. ;)

Why do I love my flag? Is it because I have a lust for being a manically evil person? No. Its because everything Calais has done has made perfect logical business sense (to me). Can what Vanguard does seem to be controversial and possibly rude? Sometimes, it is, but it takes money to win and keep islands. We, just like you, will do what we need to do to keep ourselves filled with delusions of grandeur.

Didn't you read the part where I didn't mind what he was doing? Terra was ugly sans buildings, in my opinion (I never did like the Beach (Rocky) tile). I was much more annoyed at him last week because I was hunting down Expert labor and I kept getting scuppering cheap Suicide King for my shipwright mission. The other shipyards in Jade didn't have much expert. Even P4P was failing me and they're rich AND pay decent wages. That will piss anyone off after the tenth alt or so.

Hey, at least Parley is getting tarty again!
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