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Posted by Nemor at May 1, 2006 10:36:49 AM
Re: Defense of Napi Peak and Prolix Purlieu 4/30/06
I wouldn't mind what Calias was doing so much if he wasn't paving over commod spawns.

To my knowledge, Calais has never destroyed a commodity on Terra. Why do you think you cannot walk anywhere?

Also, he never pays enough to build the places or work there. 6/6/6 wasn't clever since Jr. High. Get over it and start forking over those double digits.

Two words: labor alt. If you have enough of them, and keep them up; you dont need anyone to do your puzzles. You actually lose money if someone were to do the puzzles because this inhibits the labor alt from gathering the labor and keeping the poe within the fiscal circle.
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