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Posted by bel_pirates at Apr 26, 2006 10:22:57 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
Is there a way to also download current prices for items (like the current highest buy/lowest sell) on particular islands?

I was thinking along the same lines, but I think because prices are linked to shops, and not the island - and shops tend to come an go, especially if their prices are extreme - it becomes a more complex task to keep the data current. OMO.

I'd also like to see what Bel_pirates has to say about this one.

Thanks to Jerze fer the Avatar.

Downloading current prices into the tool automatically is problematic at best. I use Bemis's commodity trader tool to get the high/low buy/sell prices and then manually enter the data to the sheet. Unlike the tax data, prices for an island aren't accessible via webpage.

As for when a new version will be out, I'm in the midst of getting my house sold and some overload at work, but as soon as I can get to it, I'll let everyone know.
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The Shop Tool

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