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Posted by Faldrok at Apr 14, 2006 4:03:20 PM
Re: [Sage] Crews seeking Pirates
*Faldrok looks at the poster's name and says god or dog?* :P

Jokes aside, though, I might as well put up a little something for my crew, Fatal Destruction of the flag Quixotic Tangent.

This crew was formed and is led by me, Faldrok, and is backed by my two good mates, Sifright and Crusifer. I have quite a bit of knowledge about the game, and I am very interested in taking a few newer pirates to the seas under my wing and show them the ropes a bit. No, this crew isn't based on teaching like some (Academy of Sailing, for example), but I am always here to help my crew members.

I also run daily pillages as does Sifright, and I am online 8-9 hours every day, so it's not like you won't see your Captain on if you join. (By the way, the 9 hours I play is 2-11pm PST Pirate time). My pillages are either Cabin Person/Pirate friendly, or one my elite pillages in Osprey, so it should be tasteful to all that wish to join. If you are new, I am not afraid to hit a smaller route and take less pay as long as you're learning and having fun. If you are a seasoned veteran, buckle up and get ready to hit Osprey and make 10k+ every battle on a Sloop.

My crew is also a very friendly environment, and I would like to keep it that way. I love to socialize with all of my crew members over /cr chat and at times, I may throw parties at my cottage (too cheap to buy anything bigger, I need more ships! *Faldrok foams at the mouth*)

Anyways, I've rambled on enough about my crew, but I just wanted everyone looking for a crew to know a bit about mine, and I tried not to leave anything out. If you have any questions or would wish to join, send Sifright, Crusifer or myself (Faldrok) a /tell in game, and we'd be happy to answer your questions and whatnot.
Faldrok. That is all.

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