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Posted by Ian_Rhodes at Apr 9, 2006 12:10:57 PM
Re: Tips & Tricks 2.0!
I've updated links that were booching with the archived pages, but that has lost images from what I can see: please also note that things may have changed since these were written.

Arrsome Alchemistry
Learn some great tactics to manipulate all those pretty colors!

Great guide from Elemental
Tutorial on Alchem

Incredibly helpful stuffs on Alchem

Better Bilging
How to do more than toss around Crabbies in bilge ;)

Uni's Arrsome Bilge Tutorial
Lotsa great advice and pics

Copacetic Carpentry
Turn DEstruction into CONstruction with these helpful hints!

Elemental's Carping Tutorial

Nemo's Carping Guide

Delightful Drinking
Take advantage of the one place it's readily accepted to be a drunk scurvy dog

Excellent guide to drinking
You mean there IS a rhyme or reason to that puzzle?!

Here's Another Drinking Thread ;o)

Dynamite Distilling
Wonderful links to kick booty at the most important puzzle of all...making RUM!!! Yarrr!

Elemental Tutorial on Distilling

How to get incredibles in Distilling

Quintalis' Distilling Video

Sonnyz Distilling tutorial
Before this i could barely get a single line without blacks. After this i can get Crystal Clear 7's

Groovy Gunning
Learn to own up and be ultimate at this initially perplexing but extremely important puzzle!

AngryChair's Gunning Video
You will need WinRAR to play this, but WOW is it ever worth it.

Illustrated Gunning tutorial

Whitefire's gunning video
If you have trouble playing them, scroll down on the form, there is a codec that you can dl posted by Peax

Notable Navigating
Using Duty Nav to increase speed and mem those courses!

a.) How to Memorize Courses

b.) More on how to memorize courses

c.) AngryChair's Vids on Navving

d.)Elemental's Tutorial on Duty Nav

e.) JackSparrow's Nav Tutorial

Sea Battle!
Whether you owned up or got schooled in Bnav...the SF is what makes or breaks the battle...

Guide to Sea Battle
Goes over who to engage with, the SF, and much more

How to target your opponent in the Sword Fight

Silverbeard's SFing/Sea Brawl Strategies

To Team or Not to team?
Don't be fooled by the title of the thread ;)

Smarvelous Spades
Sometimes a pirate just needs to sit back and enjoy a little shoreleave

Rules for Spades

Whitefire's Spades Tutorial

Strictly Battle Nav and Officerhood
Contains New Officer Training Info, as well as Advanced Bnav tutorials to help better our skills!

1.) All about being an Officer
For all officers and aspiring officers-to-be

a.) Amberyl's Officer Training Guide
For New or Training Officers

b.) Elemental Training Officer Tutorial
For New or Training Officers

c.) Some Battle Nav tips to get ye started
For New or Training Officers

d.) Answers to Questions new officers may have
For New or Training Officers

e.) How Might Rings around ships are determined
For New or Training Officers

f.) Do move tokens expire if you don't use them?
If you see RIGHT TURN (0,0,1,0), on.... ;o)

g.) Locking the Helm on yer Ships
If ye don't want another mate sailin' yer ship fer any reason...

h.) Ship Sizes and their accommodational needs

i.) War Frigate VS. Grand Frigate

j.) What vessels are good for soloing

2.) Advanced Battle Nav
Learn from the pros and get out thar, practice, and develop yer own tactics!

a.)Brigand AI and other stuffs

b.) How many shots are needed to max damage the enemy

c.) RD's Guide to Successful Battle Nav
As with any guide, learn what others have experienced and consider that practicing for yourself will always help improve your performance the best

d.) Some Battle Nav training

Ratings and Difficulty
What those colored rings and standings mean...
Crew Ratings from Sailors to Imperials

Practice Bnav without...actually Bnaving??

How to practice Bnav minus bnaving?

Robo Rally
Board game similar to Battle nav apparently ;)

Striking Sailing
Stop swingin' from the ropes and catch that wind!

All about Sailing

Elemental's Sailing Tutorial

Sailing Video 1
ye have to go to to DL's worth it ;)

Superior Swordfighting
What sword is best fer ye? What about all thems combos? Read all about that and much more right here!

Aiziril's Swordfighting Vid 1
Some arrsome vids dedicated to the art of SFing

Aiziril's Swordfighting Vid 2

Aiziril's Swordfighting Vid 3

Elemental's Tutorial on SFing

Jack's New Strike Pattern & Handling Guide
This is SOO helpful

RD's answers to Miscellaneous Qs & As about SFing

Sword Drops--what works best for your style?
Find out exactly what strikes every sword will send!

Tedv's guide to Everything about Everything about Swords

Ye can Never have enough SFing tutorials ;)
This one answers some common questions very well

Understanding YPP Economy
What is Cowslip and Papagoite for? Learn about the shops and more...

Shops in the Economy
Illustrates how to make EVERYTHING

Vessel Mass Volume Chart
No matter what yer voyage, find out what ship be the best to accommodate yer needs...

YPP Economy map

Midnight Ocean
Contains info with or without commodity info

Using the / commands

How to create yer own puzzling videos

How all the puzzles are scored
For those of you who actually care about your ratings... ;)

Artemis' collection of info
another great thread that i'm extracting info sure to check it out[/quote]
Hypnos Score: 4.

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