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Posted by bel_pirates at Mar 27, 2006 2:36:49 PM
Re: The Shop Tool
I've posted a new version of the Shop Tool, but I'm not going to link it from the wiki quite yet. You can find it here.

I tagged it as version 4.39, but the entry in the changelog is v4.40. The above link will remain active until Rumble gets released to the production oceans and the recipes for Bludgeons are finalized. In the mean time, the current (3/27/06) recipes on ice are used in the tool.

See the linked changelog above for the (semi-)complete list of changes. I also added Indigo into the tool, but it won't really work because everything is in German. I'm contemplating ways to fix this, but it might not work. Bug reports can be posted here and I'll patch them into 4.40 when the Rumbling patch comes out.
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The Shop Tool

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