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Posted by tilinka at Mar 25, 2006 11:10:53 AM
Re: [Sage] Crews seeking Pirates
Oooh, might as well.

Crew: Perilous Puppets
Booty Split: Even
Colors: All the good ones.

The Perilous Puppets are always looking for a few good mates. If you're sick and tired of every third word you see being "u" or "r," don't mind the occasionally attack of rhyming couplets and bad puns, and like to pillage, we may just be the crew for you.

We're a smaller crew and pretty good at what we do, if I say so myself. We usually manage a couple pillages a day through the week, much more on the weekends. We promote entirely from within our ranks, and we love running goofy events. We strongly encourage proper grammar and spelling. Overuse of netspeak and lazy typing is a very quick way to deadend yer career in my crew.

We're also happy to help teach new players and never look down on greenie questions. If yer interested, feel free to tag Tilinka in-game. You can also meander over to our website -

Oh bother, I should have done that in rhyme.
Tilinka, Emerald
Perilous Puppet
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