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Posted by manky at Mar 24, 2006 4:51:59 PM
Re: [Midnight] All Duty Puzzle Bake-off - Win an Octopus!
CrimsonHeart wrote: 
If I'm not mistaken, 6pm PST is 2am GMT (my local time), which means it'll be highly unlikely that neither myself nor anyone else in this time zone (nor CET, for that matter) will be able to participate unless they're actually willing to stay up all night for it. (Which, as some of you might agree, just isn't healthy.)

You either stay up and enter it, or give it a miss and keep your fingers crossed that *if* there's another one, it will be at a more friendly time for you.

And if you were to bring it forward, say, 4 hours, you screw up everyone GMT+4. Whatever time the contests are, there is pretty much always someone somewhere getting a raw deal.
the_rock99 wrote: 
Besides, gamers dont cheat. We grind and grind until we get it right.

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