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Posted by ponytailguy at Mar 24, 2006 4:30:52 PM
Re: [Midnight] All Duty Puzzle Bake-off - Win an Octopus!

Which "time that's fair on everyone" were you referring to, exactly?

The entire event will take at least two or three hours (maybe as many as four, although rounds will get quicker as the competitors are fewer, as less time will be wasted tabulating scores and dealing with between-round shenanigans, which is what eats up the time at bakeoffs), I can guarantee that. If you start it at, say, 5:00 PM London time, then it's in the middle of the night for people in Australia and East Asia, and in the middle of the day on a Friday, so people will be in school or at work, for people in North America (the latter representing a much greater concentration of players than Europeans)

There is no "universally fair" time. It comes down to "which time is least universally unfair", and because of player concentrations, that's typically the time that's most suitable for North Americans. I would encourage you to lobby OOO for European-friendly bakeoffs (Demeter's a likely bet, or maybe you could talk Bia/Apollo/Arte into getting up early and doing them), but you're chasing windmills when you ask for a universally acceptable time.
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