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Posted by Bia at Mar 22, 2006 6:19:33 AM
[Midnight] All Duty Puzzle Bake-off - Win an Octopus!
When: Friday, April 14, 6pm PST

Event Host: Minthe

Participation Limit: 60

  • Thirty minutes before the start, Minthe will begin jobbing players on board the Grand Dutyfish.
  • There will not be a broadcast to announce the start of the event.
  • Players must send a tell to Minthe to be jobbed aboard
  • Players may only enter once. Anyone found attempting to enter twice will be disqualified.
  • Players must remove Do Not Disturb; Minthe will not make any effort to correct players who make a mistake.
  • Players must remain on board the ship and in the crew or possibly forfeit their space in the bake-off.
  • Players cannot hold a space for another player.

  • The bake-off will take place over a series of rounds. Each round will have a different duty puzzle that the players will play:
  • Preliminary Rounds: Sailing. 2 rounds, 30 sailors apiece. Top 12 continue to the quarterfinals. 30 turns
  • Quarterfinals: Carpentry. 1 round. 24 carpenters. Top 10 continue to the semifinals. 30 turns
  • Semifinals: Bilging. 1 round. 10 bilgers. Top 2 continue to the finals. 30 turns.
  • Finals: Gunnery. Top two will be timed to load 24 cannons.

    Each finalist will be timed to load all twenty four cannons from a "dirty" position. The process shall be as follows:
  • Contestants will start outside the puzzle and will signal their readiness to begin by saying "Aim!"
  • Once all cannons are loaded, the contestant shall have to leave the puzzle and say, "Fire!"
  • Time shall be compared via chatlogs.

    I shall need two player assistants to help with the bake-off. Primary duties shall be filling cannons to mark time in all rounds except the finals. You must be a subscriber, have a sufficiently high rank in Gunning to load quickly, and be able to become an officer in Minthe's crew. If you are interested, please send a private message to Bia.

    All prize-winners will get a trinket. First through fifth will also get another prize, chosen from the options for that place.
  • Grand Prize: Fancy Ribbon trinket; A blue octopus
  • Second Prize: Fancy Ribbon trinket; Ancient Jolly Roger or Lodestone Compass or a rare Easter Egg.
  • 3-5th: Ribbon trinket; Piglet or Turtle or an Easter Egg.
  • 6-10th: Ribbon trinket.
  • 11th-24th: Sand Dollar.
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