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Posted by lorkiria at Mar 16, 2006 6:43:50 PM
Re: Rendered eggs
Nemo wrote: 
Actually, I just realized I gave Guppy the wrong information. They're rendered at 640x480, not 800x600. And they should be rendered at frame 0, not frame 1. Sorry, Gup. Thanks very very much for your effort in helping the contestants.

edit I think it was that Screenshots thread. How many times can I say "800x600 24-bit pngs" without it leaking into the rest of my brain?

I'm resisting the urge to go to that thread and post some 640x480's in retaliation ;)

New and improved correct sized renders now up. Hit reload on this post if Benzene's looks like it has two different sizes because you've gotta renab the images. I have to admit the guppy egg made me giggle horribly.

As mentioned before, please PM me if you update your entries post & need your renders updated or added to.

- Guppy
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