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Posted by lorkiria at Mar 15, 2006 11:26:42 AM
Re: Rendered eggs
Guppy, I tremendously appreciate the effort to do these... but can you make the renders using the camera? Otherwise it's somewhat misleading of how it will look in the scene.

I can if you can give me directions on how to do that. Right now the 44.5whatever camera isn't zoomed in and makes a teeny tiny speck which is why I did the left view. I'll be happy to do all of 'em for the whole entry thread up to the deadline (hee luckily the trial lasts as long as that I think) if I know I'm actually doing them in a correct, useful way.

- Guppy

Edit^2: the directions from Nemo. For those of you also playing with 3DS Max, just use the camera angle and render at 640x480. I'll regenerate & crop the entries in the first post hopefully tonight and post a note when they're up. This time I'll do all of 'em (well the proper bitmap png ones that is).
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