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Posted by lorkiria at Mar 15, 2006 6:21:25 AM
Re: Rendered eggs
Gotagota wrote: 
Hahaha, you have a 1and1 account too? I kept expecting mine to die last november but it's still bizarrely active. Only went over my bandwidth once. Yay bitchin' free promo buddy!

Another friend that grabbed one as well did some searching for me and apparently it's a 3 year free trial, not a 2 year one. I'd been frantically trying to switch some crappola for a species searching script and was mystified that it kept working too. At least that's the trial we'd signed up for. Their entire system is weird, took me forever to figure out where the cancellation server was to cancel a domain that I transferred to someone else.

stowaway1693 wrote: 
Don't mean to be a bother... but for the rabbit one (mostly white one, at the end of my entries), is it possible to rotate that? Or should I just offset it so that the face is in the middle?

If you can offset it so the face is in the middle, I can keep the images "standardized." Just PM me to make sure I change yours to the new one. While you're working on it, it looks like you need to make the lines thicker and/or make the tail bigger at least since I believe that should be showing up in this orientation.

- Guppy
"There is no salvation in becoming adapted to a world which is crazy." - Henry Miller

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