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Posted by lorkiria at Mar 14, 2006 8:07:54 PM
Rendered eggs
Since the eggs looked so nifty, I thought I'd run the patterns through the renderer and put them here without clogging up the entries thread. I didn't do the ones that already have 'em rendered in the entry thread and I didn't render ones that weren't bitmap (PNG). This is all thanks to the free trial for 3DS and Illustrate!, but really wouldn't be possible without Ponytailguy's lovely tutorial on how to render the things. Anyhow, don't ask me to turn the eggs more for designs that were off center because....I don't know how. Hopefully my free 1and1 account won't die from this.

Side note: Although it's not extremely evident since this is only the front view & top view of the rendered version, some of the entries don't actually wrap correctly. If you're not sure what's meant by proper wrapping, just take your entry image and put two of them side by side without spaces between the two copies. If it looks funny and the two edges don't match, then you need to fix your design.

Please check the info at the bottom of this post about what's been done on successive edits.

- Guppy

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Folks whose entries aren't in PNG format and need to switch to it & PM me if they want theirs in this post (and to be accepted as an entry since PNG is in the specifications): angel00 and Dark_Viper.

Edit: Added Kellywizkid's.
Edit^2: Switched to the in game look/size, please note that I'm waiting on confirmation as to whether or not the top view in the second line is going to be used or not in game or for judging. Also switched directories to avoid image caching issues for folks who have previously viewd this post. Added d4rk0n3's and updated Thespian's. Added list of folks whose entries aren't in PNG. If you edit your post or change your entries, please PM me to get me to update your rendered eggs (otherwise I might not notice).
Edit^3: Added dcyborg's.
Edit^4: Updated Benzene265's & Thespian's. Added Werbak's. Switched all the images to 640x480 renders and unlike muffins, apparently the tops aren't wanted. ;)
Edit^5: Added maadneet's.
Edit^6: Added debbiedoo's & updated Thespian's.
Edit^7: Added Dylan_Holser's and Montblac's.
Edit^8: Updated: Cloverwood, D4rk0n3, LadyJain, Montblanc, Thespian
Edit^9: Added Kaalvoet.
Edit^10: Added Furyoko & PogoJones.
Edit^11: Updated Furyoko & Synful. Added Eity & Zidione_.
Edit^12: Added brendbee & kth38, Fixified CountCristo, d4rk0n3, debbiedoo, fiddlesticks, g0ren, & Thespian.
Edit^13: Added Shorty_Jack. Updated CountCristo, Kaalvoet & Thespian.
Edit^14: As long as I'm doing this....

Edit^15: Added Aldure, fewmets, happymonkeys, LexiconDul, NikoGold, rkanecao & sseth. Updated Benzene265, brendbee, CountCristo, d4rk0n3, debbiedoo, fiddlesticks & Synful.

Edit^15.4: Added the sneaksies hobbitses ssetheses's last second two entries.
Edit^15.5: Did a final entry thread check-over and noticed another hobbitses - Thespian.
- Guppy
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