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Posted by bel_pirates at Mar 7, 2006 7:03:59 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
Thanks for all the bug finding and also the fixes where possible. :) As to Jez's question about when the new version is going to be out, I hope to have it in a few weeks. I broke my elbow back on February 5th at our youth SuperBowl party at the church I work for. I went on a cruise the following day and didn't get the elbow looked at for 9 days. I've finally gotten the cast off, but it's still really hard using a computer, tho typing is finally starting to get easier for me. I'm hoping that within 2-3 weeks I'll be back to normal and look forward to getting a new version out then, possibly to coincide with the release of Rumbling/Gloves.

As to TMBTC's question about importing to OOo, simply open the Excel sheet in OOo using file/open and you'll see lots of Err:502's all over the place. That's the result of the invalid sheet references. An edit/find/replace of ! for . should fix most of the problems. There may be some other issues to hunt down, but I seem to remember that solving most of them. I have no idea where the war-brig sheet comes from. It only appears in OOo, never in Excel. I've tried and tried to find out why, but I just can't figure it out. It's safe to delete it tho.

The Financial Records and Expand Labor Calc buttons are macros to show/hide cells. The financial button shows 5 or 6 columns to the left of the button where you can store investments/returns for you or other pirates to help see how much poe you've made on your shop. Any poe I add to the shop is recorded there and I pay back myself the same amount when the shop is able to do so. I also pay dividends to investors and record that information in that area as well.

The Labor Calc button shows 3-4 columns to the right of the button where you can store labor numbers from the past week. These numbers are then averaged and used for your labor throughput. I didn't think the macros would translate to OOo, but perhaps you know how to rewrite the code to make them work for you. Both buttons will then hide the same columns when you click them again.
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