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Posted by akerasi at Feb 23, 2006 12:46:45 PM
Re: [Sage] Crews seeking Pirates
The Permanent Floating Riot Club (PFRC is the crew name due to length limits) is always looking for skilled, experienced pirates. We're not your average crew... if you're used to crews that do "Officer pillages", our crew is basically set up to do those sort of pillages all the time, and only those who would be skilled enough to hold their own on such a pillage are welcome. As a base we require someone to be grand-master in some shipboard skill(sails, carp, bilge, or guns), as well as have a good attitude and maturity. This will get you jobbed onto a ship, and if we like your work we might invite you to join. Promotions work differently than most other crews, and will be explained to anyone who proves themselves worthy of joining... but to put it simply, they're based entirely on proven skill, not ratings. Contact Akerasi, Alyred, Jeru, or any of our other officers if you think you've got what it takes, and are interested.
Akerasi, Captain of the PFRC, Sage Ocean
Seido, Mercenary for hire, Sage Ocean
Citizen of Arakoua Island and the keeper of Arakoua's Destiny

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