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Posted by Cleaver at Dec 18, 2002 4:01:53 AM
Great Piratey Contests: 29th December 3pm PST
Hear ye! On the 29th of December in the year of 2002 at the hour of Three on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, we bring ye the first great Pirate Tournaments of Alpha Island.

Events shall include:

- Sea Races for the different classes of ships.
- Sea Battles between Crews to establish Crew notoriety. Who shall be Dread Pirates?
- Puzzle Challenges in Swordfighting and Drinking.
- Pirate Fashion Show and awards for Best-dressed Pirate King and Queen
- Whatever else we can think of.

Prizes shall be many and fabulously valuable, most notably the rarely-seen 'familiars': the Octopus (not squid, I'm afraid, Ramirez), the Parrot, and the Monkey. Many a Pirate has asked, begged, cajouled and even threatened for one of these prized beasts. Well, now is yer (only, until the next tournament) chance.

Feel free to post yer bragging (Ramirez is so big-headed that he needs his own thread) and suggestions below. Arrr!

-- Captain C.

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