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Posted by bel_pirates at Jan 19, 2006 10:31:29 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
d3athl3 wrote: 
I have found only one issue with the ship wright one though. It seems to be counting up the cost amount wrong on the ships thus throwing the profit into the negs even though the "product cost" and "tax" and "advertised price" are correct. Is there a way to get this fixed?

Do you have a number entered for rent in the pricing section? If you do, AND you have labor numbers, your costs/ship will be higher because the tool will add rent costs into the "cost" column for the item. Entering "0" for rent will disable this feature. I checked the formulas and they appear to be correct for figuring the cost when rent is disabled.

As for Fullbeard's suggestions, those are something I would like to include at some point also, but I'm running out of screen space to easily include things like that. I will look at adding a "bids/orders" section to track incoming inventory. Now that I've started down the macro path, I can write a macro to show/hide additional columns to store this information as needed.

I'm hopeful that some cool new features will come from being able to copy/paste information from the shop records once that hits production oceans.
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The Shop Tool

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