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Posted by mcpirate1978 at Jan 19, 2006 9:28:57 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
The first time I managed a stall, I had my own spreadsheets that did roughly the same thing yours does. I simply didn't know this one existed. With the time and effort you've put into this, yours is certainly far more useful than mine ever were (and much prettier, to boot). This is a great thing you've built, mate.

Now, all that said, I've got a couple ideas that might be incorporated to improve the tool. I'm not quite sure how to implement them into the existing tool, but these are some of the things I currently do.

1. I track previous bids that I've made on commodities. I track the date I made the bid, the amount I paid, the bidding fee, and the price per unit (including bid fee). This helps me in a couple ways. First of all, I can more easily spot a good deal, when I see one. For a distillery, knowing a good price on Sugar or Wood is a no-brainer. But, if you're running an apothecary, recalling bid prices on commodities across the ocean isn't so trivial. I can then use this historical bid data to help me accurately set the "Buy" prices for my commodities in the shop tool.

2. As I jump around the ocean, I often debate over the quantity of my bids. I want to have a large enough quantity to get me a good price per unit, but I want to keep it small enough that it fills in a reasonable amount of time. This is especially important when bids are very low and I want to scoop up some items quickly, before the prices shoot back up. I often use something like this (link) to do these calculations. It'd be nice if that was actually part of the shop tool, so I didn't have to switch from one spreadsheet to another.

Anyway, just a couple thoughts. These are things that I find useful, so I currently have those capabilities in other spreadsheets. Regardless of whether or not you feel the urge to do anything with these, I appreciate all the hard work you've done, already. Thanks, mate.

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