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Posted by Hoppie69 at Jan 18, 2006 7:27:05 PM
Re: The Shop Tool
This is a great tool to begin with :)
Always nice to see that people of our flag are into this kind of things.

There is only one thing i don't really get.
At the iron mongery tab (also others) i get a "#value" at tax.

Therefore i can't see advertised price, cost/unit, profit and profit margin. I use office 2003 dutch version.
The formula says: =AFRONDEN.NAAR.BOVEN(PRODUCTMAT(AE33:AF33;$N$12:$N$13)+PRODUCTMAT(AG33:AP33;$N$17:$N$26)+PRODUCTMAT(AQ33:AS33;$N$41:$N$43);0).
Most of it i understand perfectly, but what in barnacles name is productmat? I have a feeling that it may be an important part of the formula.

It would be great if i can solve this one so i can get my stall profitable.
By the way it's on Spaniel and called Wiecher's ironmongery stall.

Greets Wiecher
Fleet officer of Poseidons Tricorne
Member of The Light Brigade

P.s. also a fan of Eddings
Greets Wiecher

Captain of The Fierce Blackhawks on Sage

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