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Posted by bel_pirates at Jan 16, 2006 1:27:39 PM
Re: The Shop Tool
I don't think my system can handle the size of the doc all at once.

I've always wondered why the file size was so large for the spreadsheet. Sure, it has a lot of complex calculations, graphics, macros, not counting all the data... But 2.7 MB unzipped? It always confused me...

... then I get your request. I scaled down the tool to just the Weaver, oceans, and title page. Still a 2+ MB file. Huh. That's odd...

To make a long story short, something in the Weaver sheet had a fill that took up nearly 2 MB of file space. Removing all the fills for the sheet solved the problem. I re-colored the sheet to match the rest of the tool and ended up with an 875K file instead of the previous 2.8MB version.

So everyone may want to download version 4.32. Load/Save times are much faster with this new version, as well as saving some disk space.

For the problem at hand, if your system still can't handle the file, let me know and I'll package a weaver only and send it off to you via email.
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The Shop Tool

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