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Posted by dgarcia59 at Jan 11, 2006 9:02:59 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
I noticed an error in the sheet...

On the apothecary page, you have Varnish and Lacquer listed with the enamels...that's not a big problem, but orders of enamel provide 7 units per order while orders of Varnish and Lacquer provide 10 units per order. So, the Cost/Unit under dockside sales needs to be updated. As it is now, these items appear to be far more expensive to produce than they really are.

Oh, I'm glad that is a bug... I thought I've been selling laquer and varnish below market value at my furnishing stall for months! Didn't think to check the equations. The change now confirms that I'm reselling them at-cost.
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Billy Blaze wrote: 
Sounds like a plan, oh bearded one!

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