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Posted by Livesey at Jun 17, 2003 10:46:42 AM
Re: Carpenty Tips
My tips (which includes some of the tips above)
- Once you get down to around 15 empy units, keep track of which pieces can solve the hole. Avoid making shapes wich use rare peices unless you've already got the rare piece to use. There are lots of unsolvable shapes, and of course those are to be avoided too.
- I try to solve two holes at once, rather than Ursela's one. And not two that are diagonally apart. My reason for this is that once those two are done, the board scrolls, giving me two fresh holes to put hard-to-use pieces (like the +) in to. Solving opposing diagonals is bad news and almost always results in compromising a hole or two.
- Some pieces can always be flipped and rotated to match grain (the W, the big L, the +.) Get in the habit of doing this with those pieces so it doesn't slow you down. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a grain bonus. Favor masterpieces over grain bonuses, though.
- Learn what good shape looks like. A good shape is one that can be filled in using the frequent pieces. Then as you place pieces in the hole, try to keep the area contiguous and 'good'. Don't just place things where they fit. There are lots of good places to put those rare and wacky pieces (especially in a fresh hole) once you've built up the patterns to look for. The idea here is to maximize the chances of getting the pieces you need to masterpiece. Avoid making long, narrow area.
- Don't leave a hole with just one piece remaining if you can avoid it. Drop the pieces into it only when the hole starts to fall apart or you get all the pieces you need. Delay until you can match grain bonus, if you can.
- Don't forget you can flip as well as rotate.
- Don't forget you can adjust pieces that you set down in the wrong place.
- There are actually keyboard shortcuts for this puzzle. qwas move the piece to the corresponding corner, z rotates and x flips (or vice versa, I forget), the arrow keys move the piece, and the space bar picks up and drops pieces. A lot easier to use the keyboard than to play with a laptop eraser-mouse, or if your mouse doesn't have the wheel or right button. I've even used the qwas trick with a wheel mouse occasionally.
- Place the rares, then place the common pieces around them.

Carpentry is my favorite puzzle. I suspect this has to do with how reliably I can get a good rating. (which means I shouldn't be helping anyone else learn to play well. hrm.) On second thought... You Hate Carpentry.... You Will Never Carpent Again...

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