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Posted by LonesomeCrow at Jun 17, 2003 4:25:30 AM
Nemo wrote: 
LonesomeCrow wrote: 
If the first three pieces I get will nicely fill 3/4 of a hole, I'll put them all in the same hole. As Meghaford said, I then get the maximum allowable turns to get that last piece.

No, you don't. Not if you are following her method when she says, "My strategy be to work on one hole at a time."

If you have three pieces that look like they'll fill 3/4 of a hole nicely, you should let them out slowly. Put one in the hole and then ignore it. Mentally set aside those other two pieces and only play with the new piece (that replaced the one you played). Only use the new pieces (keeping those Masterpiece two set aside) until your Masterpiece hole starts shaking its piece. Then put one of your two remaining pieces in. Wait again and play with the hand of two pieces now (keeping that third piece set aside).
Doing this really allows the maximum time to make a Masterpiece.

Ahh yes, I see the difference in strategies, thanks fer clarifying.
The trade off between putting them all in the hole right aways, vs keeping two of those in yer 'hand' is that by keeping them in yer 'hand' I am now forced to find a place fer that third piece (which replaced the one I just placed), no matter what it is. By putting all 3 in the hole, I now have more choices of pieces fer the other holes, and It would seem I have a better chance of getting the forth piece I need fer the first hole. But of course then the hole with three pieces awaiting a fourth with start to shake, and will demand to be completed long before it would with the other strategy.

About that 'x' piece, yeah I see yer point that ye would get complaints about not having that piece. But then again, there are countless shapes which could be left, that currently don't have an available piece which could fill it, the player has to learn to avoid leaving holes like that, or settle fer a lesser score - I've never, ever, left a hole in need of a '+'.
I usually end up using them as the others do, completing a hole that cannot be made into a masterpiece. Would ye consider moving it to the bottom of the list, so as to make it less frequent?

But of course, now that I know I can flip them, I'm sure I'll quickly earn me legendary status back ;-)
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Sergio Aragones wrote: 

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