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Posted by Meghaford at Jun 16, 2003 10:52:48 PM
Re: Carpenty Tips
My strategy be to work on one hole at a time. (take time out to patch the other flashing/wiggling holes as neccesary)

In some sense you do have to look ahead a few pieces, but this comes very easily as you practice more. I try to fit all the pieces so that (ideally) the top 3 most common pieces will finish for my masterpiece. Realistically I end up leaving the last space as one of the top 5, and lower as becomes necessary.

I NEVER look to match the grain, as I find it just slows me down further than is really worthwhile. It's just an added bonus ever few holes. (when finishing off a hole which will be a "fair job" or "craftsmanship" I check for one pieces's grain and match it... on the chance I may get the grain bonus)

After a while you will notice the holes get bigger, at some point just exit the puzzle and return, as they get annoying when larger. I do this every few minutes to either refresh the bo
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