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Posted by mr_googol at Nov 29, 2005 11:23:40 PM
Re: Trinket Suggestions
Trophies. You could actually purchase them at a considerable cost for someone else (can't buy yourself one, even though it would be easy to dodge, still...) by means of petition, pointing out the color (gold bronze silver) shape (have maybe a sword and a mug and a boat and so forth) and inscription. They recieve it if your purchase is approved, with the person who gave it to them, and the original recipient, included in the mouseover. Holdable in Portraits, like skulls. Too much coding. Too much art. OM overwork. Those ust three potential kinks, but I'm sure there are a handful.

Would be nice to see them overcome. I'd love to get a "Best Carpenter" trophy from my captain. =)

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