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Posted by Nemo at Jun 16, 2003 10:34:55 AM
Carpenty Tips
There is a sizeable amount of strategy in carpentry that comes from experience. A few players have commented on these strategies in other threads, but I thought we should consolidate them here.

I'll leave most of the strategizing up to helpful players, but will post this one big tip before we add it to the documentation. Any experienced carpenter will know that the pieces do not come in even frequency. Some pieces seem to pop up more than others. I've decided that not having this knowledge is probable keeping many new carpenters from getting into the puzzle and becoming better carpenters. So, while the specific rarity of carpentry pieces will remain a mystery, I am will now show them in order of rarity.

The somewhat "P" shaped piece at the top is the most common. The linear "I" piece at the bottom is the most rare. The pieces in the middle descend in frequency as the descend the page.
By working your holes so that your last piece is a common one you greatly increase your chances of a "Masterpiece."

Please post your other carpentry hints here, too.

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