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Posted by ponytailguy at Nov 20, 2005 11:18:59 AM
Re: Digitally Colouring Pencil Art
Okay, I'm havin' problems with this.

I've scanned a picture in, black and white at 600 dpi. The scanned lines aren't solid, but fuzz out on the edges. This makes things difficult because when I select an area, it goes around the fuzzy edge. I want to put some colour in and put an outline around it, which I can do automatically by selecting an area. There's a bit of a catch-22 here, though: I can't make a precise outline without a precise area, coloured or not, and I can't get a precise coloured area without a precise outline.

Is there any way to have this done automatically, or do I have to go and manually draw a line in?

Or do I just scan it in at a lower resolution?
What I would do (if you're using Fireworks or Photoshop or something else suitably complex) is create an exact duplicate layer on top of the layer you're trying to colour.

Layer on top:
- Set to multiply (to make the white parts disappear)
- Leave the lines as-is

Layer below:
- Set contrast to 500% (well. As high as it'll go.)
- Colour on this layer

You get colourable lines below, but you keep the prettier lines on top.
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