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Posted by Gloraelin at Nov 11, 2005 10:19:38 PM
Re: Help with choosing a song, please?
It depends on whether you're singing "Bí Thusa mo shúile/Be Thou My Vision" in Gaelic or English. If you're singing it in Gaelic, then I'll go with Finnegan's Wake. If you're singing it in English, I'm not so sure.

For "Bí Thusa mo shúile," it'd be the whole thing in Gaelic, and then maybe once in English.

However, I do know that no one's going to vote for "Accidentally in Love" when the link is broken.

Oops. Fixed.
Jen wrote: 
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Ye have received a trade request from Thunderbird.
Those two offers are identical, what's the point?

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