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Posted by cirofren at Nov 3, 2005 7:08:22 PM
A question to the pirates of Cobalt
Ahoy thar,

I have just started playin' again after a spell.

I've been jobbin' with a fair few crews by now and am starting to gain the lay o' the land here in Cobalt.

What I be wonderin', mateys, is if thar be a crew on this ocean that is somewhat decisive in its selection of pirates.

A common sound to my ears after a pillage seems to be "Anyone who wants to join the crew just ask!". Now I ain't saying this be a bad thing. Nothin' of the sort. Many new pirates be needin' a crew to show 'em the ropes, like the ol' PPA on Azure used to do.

I ain't looking fer a crew that'll kick a poor sod if he can't get straight incredibles. But I do be lookin' for one that's mature, skillful, and most importantly, piratey!

If ye be a member of such a crew, or know of one, be sure to contact me. Ye don't need to be an established crew either. Ye can form tomorrow fer all I care so long as ye've got what I be lookin' fer.

Well, I've been exercising me lungs more than expected. If ye do know of such a crew, we can discuss the rest outside o' this thread.

And ter the rest of ye, fly fast and hit hard!
You suddenly feel unseen eyes peering at you from just beyond the darkness, and that's when you hear it; "Yar." Then the glint of a steel hook. Your last thought before the cool metal slides between your ribs is "Pirate ninjas? The hell?" - Sosa

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