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Posted by Hunghound at Oct 24, 2005 4:54:32 PM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
Lashed's Master Plan for Sakijima, Viridian Ocean. (2 free slots on this account)
Sakijima trembles and shakes and from there arises a volcano spewing lava (less than you'd expect). Once cooled this new mountain is hollowed out creating a cave/fortress reminiscent of the film Goonies; this will become the ruling home for Hades and the new core village known as Sakejima Center. Current shops and business will continue to exist but find themselves on the outside of the island fortress/mountain and not as easily accessible. The fortress will be a world of it own with a port entrance (replacing current one) and the shoppes primarily owned by Hades and myself. This process may take 2 to 9 months.

I, Lashed (or his alt), as governor will immediately reduce taxes by 1/3 thus allowing the shopkeepers and citizens of Sakijima to be able to afford lavish sacrificial gifts of fine clothing, potions, housing, etc. to please our Hedonic ruler. Shops filled from the sacrificial donations. This process may take 1 to 3 months.

Sakejima Center Shoppes
Dogma Temple -
Palace, Gift Donation Annex & Hall of Product Placement. Yes, Hades, myself and YHHP shouldn't be above such financial profiteering, we are pirates
Tailor Shop - Nether World's Nether Wear
Devil Brewery - Distillery
Crossed Skulls - Iron Mongers
Skellie-T Inn - for off duty skellies. Flesh visitor are tolerated at there. But annoy skellies or challenge them too often to SF you might lose your sword, booty or some of your stats. Removing your labor badge & taking your jobs is also one of their favorite tricks. Greenies not allowed.

Fallen Angels - Rarely given honor; bestowed on those privileged few whose donations and servitude have impressed Hades and myself. Horns may be bestowed on some for consistent long term service but will be invisible under a bandana or hat.

Pit of Despair - Annoying visitors might be forced into the Pit of Despair, a complex puzzle that they have to conquered before continuing in YHHPs. Repeated offenders get harder puzzles & those trying intentionally to be Pitted will be lost for 24 hours 1st offence, 48 hrs the 2nd , etc.

Housing -
Dante's Inferno - Upscale. Fallen Angels get Pit of Despair portal with purchase; just plank.
Brimstone Brownstones - Moderate
Lost Soul?s Y.P.C.A. - (Young Pirate's Carpentry Association) - Coffin shaped shacks.

Death?s Gate - (Hades Crew)
Flag - A second crew in Death?s Gateway Flag will be Death March and be assembled from alts of Crews and Flags throughout the Viridian Ocean. Only highest ranking and finest will be extended this offer; those who decline it ... are planked to the Pit of Despair. Anyone asking for advancement ... Pit of Despair
Death Warmed Over third crew, tournaments will determine members which MUST be full time regular players. Prizes : Positions on this crew ... Runner-ups, Pit of Despair

Long may our master Hades rule the netherworld and Sakejima

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