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Posted by killermojo at Oct 23, 2005 7:36:34 PM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
arhhhh it be dyrad here
And i want to be the new governor for hades holiday island of sakejimain....... ( viridian ocean)
I hope to make it a fun island popular with all types of pirates
some of the plans include:

All stalls have to be renamed to be suitable for hades to visit when he is on hoilday.

More decoration placed around the island so people can explore the island to see what wonders have been put where ie. suit of amour at the outside of the inn or a romantic picinic spot of the pirate in love hiden away from the busy life of a pirate.

new range of houses
once new housing has finished construction
for best home or wackest colour design judging to be decided by a panel of three judes (because it is hades hoilday home you will never know when he might visit).

Have big tourine that is avaliable for local people, only then the top 40 from tournie are invited to palace for a private tournie with big prizes.

start a pirate run
pirates have to sail from a start point and get goods and then sail to the island. the Winner is the fastest in case of a tie the one with the most goods left gets the free sloop (or whatever prize is on offer) mind you, if you really want the prize you could always organize other officers from your crew to attack your competitors are a pirate after all.

Try to have a greeter at the inn at all times ( poeple love to talk to them).

once a month a radom local couple who wish to get married will be treated to to a humdinger wedding party with clothes for the bridal couple at the palace with tournies and some random furniture to help the blissful couple settle in to a home.

For the first month all stalls get some exclusive prizes that will be given away randomly to customers, for example Shipbuilding stall 2 sloops have a figure head in the form of our lord Hades or Skull mugs that have a patch over one eye.

A maze race
Under the palace where the minator live if u can beat him in the race u get the prize but be aware there might be a skellie around the corner

A monthly amputation party, come along and u might lose a limb

Some of the ideas I have listed above are just for fun and to create an island that would be fun to explore and live the pirate lifestyle , others are to raise revenue to help fund more exciting and hair raising ideas.

long live our lord
and may he visit often.

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