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Posted by BabyStar_Gol at Oct 21, 2005 8:13:19 PM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
First of all, if I was to become governor of Hades, I would make sure everyone that comes to Hades is equally satisfied (agrees with the laws that will be set aside for Hades citizens) with my decisions. The laws are as followed: No spamming on other’s properties unless permitted to. If wanting to make a statement or request ask your captain or ask or senior officer to send their statements or request to me if concerning the island so that I may let the citizens of Hades vote on their opinions. Last, no blockades on THIS Island. Who am I? I am Shadia a.k.a Shay who knows that she is strong, sophisticated, intelligent, and witty enough to become governor of Hades. I am a fleet officer in my crew “Pirates of the Forbidden” ready to become senior officer, I am a roomy with two others and I am planning to move to a house in Harmattan Island soon. I always wanted to become a governor so bad that I am trying to save my Poe to earn enough to try and buy an island (if possible).

I will give 500 Poe a week to the one I see who is helping the new users. When a request is brought up at my attention I will give the citizens (like the laws) the opportunity to vote. If someone is to have a problem they will inform me about it and will get the attention needed. Do not come up to me and ask for something because I will not give it to you unless you prove yourself to be needy. There will also be a secretary for the news or issues (statements, concerns, request, and questions) for when I am unable to get on…to deliver the answers or statements back to that person. I will save ship supplies and food for emergencies (for the ships that are connected to island). Debs will cost 1k-1.1k and tax will be 20 percent of the earnings of the shop owner or owner of home lots every 2 weeks so that they may save what they can for spare. There will be free shacks for those who can’t pay or is saving to buy a lot or bigger house. There will be a contest, which will be random, for the person that has the best looking house—interior design/inside of the house, the winner will get 2k from me and by me personally. And to add on… there will be a party at the palace randomly to invite people to apply as a citizen for Hades. I want the people of Hades to have fun and make themselves welcomed because when their happy…I’m happy! ? =: P!!! Thank You For Your Time Reading This

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