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Posted by BrighidRaven at Oct 21, 2005 5:14:43 PM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
I be Shalimar within the Cobalt Ocean. Sakejima Isle be my home. I be a crewmember of the Inner Strength Crew, loyal pirate of the Great Captain Mattimeome.

What would I do if I were tae be govener of Sakejima, eh, lad? Well, first I would ensure I became governer. This would be nae easy. But it'd be fun. I'd start by ensurin' whoever was holdin' the isle knew who I be. Womanly charms and the right words can be quite beguilin'. Then I would ensure those not loyal to the lord o' the lands had their ships scuttled and their business suddenly had problems. Barrin' that, I would ensure the ones loyal had no problem makin' poe and the disloyal had problems with blockades an' embargoes. Once I was sittin' on the throne, I would make 'em all pay a fee, not to me, but to the isle's owner, skimmin' a bit fer me own use, fer livin' there and the free shacks? Aye, there'd still be free shacks... but they'd have to swear loyalty to Haes fer it. Loyalty, as yer seein' is the main key. Then ye do what is best, make the isle profitable. The more poe comin' in means more spent and more that can go to creatin' a bigger Naval fleet. Bigger fleet equals bigger advantage against smaller, less populated, and sometimes more populated, isles. Harder fer us to be defeated. And fer those who tried to stop us? Well... me as Governer, and bein' a very intelligent lass with a sharp blade. I think they'd get the point.

As fer runnin' the isle. As I said earlier, big Navy. I'd make sure the price systems were altered sae everyone had a fair shake at things. Cloth, Rum, etc. Though Poe ain't growin' on trees, ye got to earn it. The taxes would help run an' pay fer the Navy as well as a few other things like a bigger dock so more shipwrites could be there and spreadin' the land available fer houses a bit. Though jobs would be offered where they could work right fer the isle itself not just at private owned places so they could earn poe, especially the new lads an' lasses who just got their sea legs.

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