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Posted by Kaibaman2004 at Oct 21, 2005 2:14:33 PM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
My Plan: By Manokiller of Colbit Ocean
Plan Title: The Grand Plan
Date of being made: October 20, of 2005 at 6:55 PM EST Finished at 8:30 PM EST

My plan is to renovate the island into a Paradise for Hades And his wife, and any else who plans to inhabit the island or to Vacation there. I have studied pictures of Sakejima and thought where and how to place buildings and gardens for anyone to enjoy. My plan will need a little help for the OMs but only for Consultation and money problems other then that I would be mostly independent

This plan is very Feasible yet fun to do. I will try and build homes like estates, manors, and cottages on the seaside. Also I will try to build enough economy to support those living on the island but still is very economic for those who come and live there or are just there on vaction. I will also do whatever I can in my power to make the game more fun for those who are having trouble playing the game. I will also as governor try and build Hades and for all those who play the game a very rare garden near the seaside so the players know that we care for them and want them to have as much fun as they can! Also In the garden we will place a stone that says "This garden was Dedicated and proudly given to Hades and his wife Persephone." I also think we should have something such as a piece of furniture or a piece of clothing that would be special that you only could get there. (But this idea is a little off the feasible thing) If I'm given the spot of governor ill try with all my power to do for the player and the OMs ill do what ever I can to make them feel like Sakejima is a home away from home. I will also hold 1-2 special contests a week so the players can look forward to something to entertain them but still is challenging. I will also hold a greenie and new players contests to show how to and to have fun with ppl who are about the same skill level.I will also play a new type of drinking game who ever drinks there way to winning wins!

Taxes is one problem with some ppl they ether hate it or love it so I propose to have a light taxation but a big enough to help the economy from crashing in to the ground. I also say that we should have a kind of loaning system like in Ice where lionizer loans out money to ppl and writing it down on a spread sheet or in the news box to have that would be nice but not to big of a luxury.

When I walk around Sakejima I see many things such as the need for more different kinds of homes, which some are only located on Kirin. A more stable economy that I believe that we should have a trading fleet which would also allow us to trade with our near by islands so none of us runs out of what we need. As dragons nest shows us we need a more diverse network of crews that work out of our port so that we also get the economy boost of crews buying supplies and the crews taking time off on the island. If I'm given governor ill try to all my power to make this plan a reality and to also help this island out of the dark of the and bring into the light of the "modern" pirate island.

Signed: Manokiller (aka: thekillerpie)

Yawn... Please repost ALL ENTRIES FOR 'Who Wants to be Hades' Governer?' here!

Thank You!
Midnight: Hidendra

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