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Posted by Kaibaman2004 at Oct 20, 2005 3:28:51 PM
Re: [Contest] Who Wants to be Hades' Governor?
Plan Title: The Eligean Fields Of Glory
Purposed by: Misarris of the cobalt Ocean

Hades being the Greek God of the underworld has decided to come above the earth?s core and enter into the world of Puzzle Pirates making Sakejima his new summer home. Remembering that he also must please his wife PERSEPHONE.

PERSEPHONE loves nature and things of beauty so my first plan as govern on the island would be to create a wonderful garden that the two could bask in their love for each as they vacation. Also this could become a nice place that weddings and events could take place at for a fee.
She also loves the sea so with the blessing of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, I would create and build a Vineyard overlooking the waves and cliffs of the island for the lovers. This wonderful home could also be used to host the events of the island.

On the more economic side, Hades, being the God of death, would have to have something to keep his craving down. So that pirate?s visiting his island don?t start dropping off this world and fading into the next. So I would create many Sword Fighting Tourneys and Brawls to show honor and sacrifice to the great god. Plus a nice Iron stall to meet the new demand for swords. Also once monsters are allowed into the game we could create his three-headed dog to continue guarding the entrance to his underworld kingdom. Starting a quest that worthy pirates could battle and risk their life?s for some great reward and honor thus bring more glory to the god and creating a higher rate of visitors to the island.

Going back to PERSEPHONE, since she is a beautiful woman. She would have to have a special weavery and tailors stall. In this stall maybe there could be a new color of fabric or a new dress that cannot be bought anywhere else. This would in turn create a nice source of revenue for the island as well.

I have also noticed that the island is in great need of nicer homes. As governor I would like to destroy the monopoly on Kirlin and allow cottages to also find their way to the soon to be beautiful island. Also as the island grows and more people begin to make it their home I would further advance the island to include town houses and vineyards.

As Governor I would also like to make this island feel a bit more at home by changing all shops names to something out of Greek mythology or to the underworld and different Myths Hades can be found in. Some examples might be

WeaveriesàThe Fate?s Thread
Tailors à Persephone?s Best Dressed
Distilleriesà Ambrose and more
Houses àThe Olympian look
Real Estate àEligean Fields a place of Paradise

The last part of my plan would have to be discussed with Hades nephew Aries, but I purpose that they would form a pact and not allow war to occur on this island but create a special secret blockade fleet to be used to increase Hades hold over his new domain of Puzzle Pirates. (that could also possibly leased out to other pirates that paid well)

Please repost all entries here. This is the place to ask questions and too get answears.

Thank you,
Midnight: Hidendra

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