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Posted by Inuki at Oct 5, 2005 4:03:01 PM
Re: How to Create Videos
I've found that Divx compression works really well for game videos - I have a gunning vid I made a few weeks ago that looks really good, and is only ~75MB for 15 minutes, at 30 frames per second. (Considering I have vid files that are as big for ~5 minutes, it's a good deal.) I recorded and compressed with free-trial Camtasia, but also have Adobe Premiere which I've done some work with.

I'm willing to do recompression if you can get a file to me that my computer doesn't choke on. will allow transfers up to 1GB - they store the file for a week and email a link. My PM box is empty enough to accept messages, so feel free. I will need to know which recording program you used, to make sure I have the codec to play it.

Oh, and the obvious one - record only a portion of the screen. If you're recording puzzles, you only need half the screen, so try setting the program to record only that section. :)
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