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Posted by browneyes4u at Sep 23, 2005 4:07:52 PM
Re: [Sage] Crews seeking Pirates
AHOY! The members of Queen Anne's Revenge kindly invite you to join our every growing crew. We are an oligarchic whose officers each have their own personality they bring to the crew, which makes it that much more fun. We discuss almost every decision we make that will reflect the crew in anyway.

We are currently looking for up and coming talent to train the fill a few Officer positions, if you think this might be you contact any officer. I will mention we are a very loyal crew and do not tolerate disrespect nor crew hoppers.

We are always looking to make new friends, this game is a very social game for us. If you think that youd like more interaction and to socialize while having fun please contact us, you can type /cwho Queen Anne's Revenge to view our crew info and who's online in-game. There is typically at least one officer on at all hours of the day
♪Hey ho ho♪..its one for all for one..................♪but when ur a professional pirate♪........♪your always in the best of companyyyy!♪

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